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Residential Roofing



All Seasons Roofing has been doing residential roofing and siding on homes and farms in the Lafayette area since 1973. We have seen roofing materials change from wood and interlocking shingles to architectural shingles and metal designer roofs for homes.

We have also seen the changes in the work force that directly affects whether you have a good or a bad roof installation. Re-roofing your home has become an expensive investment that requires doing your homework and picking the right roofing company for your needs. A new roof is just too important and too expensive to be doing it twice. Please take a few minutes and let us educate you about All Seasons Roofing and what makes us different than all the other roofing companies around the area.

All Seasons Roofing has its own employee workforce. We do not sub-contract out to other people to install your roof.

Our employees have worked for us a number of years and know what we expect from our new roof installations. We do not tolerate short cuts, poor workmanship, unsafe practices, sloppy clean up, damage to your property, or taking too long to get your project done. We check the work while it’s being done to make sure what we discussed with you prior to the installation is taking place.

Most roofing companies in the Lafayette area have become 3rd party sales agents instead of being a true roofing company. In other words you call them just like you would call All Seasons Roofing and that's where the similarity ends. A sales person comes out from the other roofing company. Sometimes the sales person does not even really work for the roofing company. They are just contracted to sell jobs. The sales person that comes out may or may not know how to estimate a roof job. Material may be sold short, or the wrong material is sold. After the sale is made the sub-contractor is brought in to install the new materials.

In the last 5 years almost all roofing companies in the Lafayette area have gone to the use of using sub-contracted crews. Finding and training local people to do roofing work has become a sometimes seemingly impossible task to accomplish. It’s much easier to hire out of town subs who in a lot of cases are illegal, and in most cases have no insurance. Who knows if they really know how to install roofing or are just able to nail shingles on fast. There is a difference. By the time the home owner figures out that they have issues with their new roof installation the sub crew is gone and cannot be found. The roofing company that hired the subs says, “Not my problem!” and you have an expensive roof installation that has leaks and problems and is getting more expensive by the minute. We can describe the above scenario because we see it take place all the time. All Seasons Roofing is hired frequently to fix other companies mistakes.

When you deal with All Seasons Roofing you avoid that mess.

If there is ever a problem with our installation, we will correct it.

We guarantee our work for 10 years.

We will supply you a copy of the guarantee with your roof proposal. In addition, should you ever have any issues arise with your roof, you can count on us to be here for  you.


All Seasons Roofing trains its people on the proper techniques for installing today’s roofing materials.

We will tell you up front what material should or should not be used and during what time of the year it is best to use that material. We will suggest certain brands or styles of material over others not because we make more money from them but because we have seen what time has proven to work the best. Remember we are guaranteeing your roof for 10 years and have been around for over 30 years. We want to avoid issues with your roof. Giving you the best advice that we can give is going to help make that happen.

All Seasons Roofing will help you choose styles and colors of roofing that will make your home look the best. Choosing the right style or color can go a long way towards not only making you home look nice, but increasing your home’s value. We will supply you with style and color options. Once narrowed down we can take full shingles and lay them on your roof to get the actual look of what your home will look like with your new roof.

All Seasons Roofing drug screens all employees. Employees wear the proper clothing and use safety equipment to prevent anyone from getting hurt or injured. All Seasons Roofing checks its jobs while in progress to see that its employees are working safely. We want our employees going home at the end of the day safe and sound. We will provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate with our roof proposal. We are proud of our safety record which is one of the best in the industry.

Please contact us about your roofing needs. We will come out and evaluate your problem and come up with a written proposal for what will be the best and most economical way of completing your project. You will be glad you did!