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All Seasons Roofing in Lafayette serves the industrial and commercial roofing needs of customers throughout the country. Our customer list includes many of the nation's largest corporations. And whether your roof is several thousand or several hundred thousand square feet, All Seasons' competent team of roofing professionals will select and install the system designed to provide the optimum roof life for your building.

We Take the Guesswork Out of Picking the Best Roofing System.

No matter if your needs include new construction, re-roofing or roof maintenance.

Understanding the advantages of roofing systems such as CPE, PVC, EPDM or BUR can make selecting the best system a confusing task. Because many roofing companies sell only one or two systems, their efforts to convince buyers that the system they sell can meet the requirements of the roof can cause even more confusion. All Seasons Roofing takes anaother approach. First, we consider all the factors affecting the life and integrity of your particular roof before we recommend the right system.

Typical considerations include:

  • the condition of the existing roof
  • existing deck and substrate
  • insulation requirements
  • average wind velocities
  • roof traffic areas
  • exposure to chemicals such as acids
  • snow loading
  • equipment vibrations
  • roof penetrations
  • your budget for the project

Once these factors are evaluated, All Seasons selects a system or custom designs a combination of systems for optimum roof life and integrity. All Seasons Roofing is known for superior application of premium quality roofing products. And because we install the most reliable (best value) roofing products for each particular application, our customers enjoy superior roof life. So whether your requirements include re-roofing, roof maintenance or new construction, let All Seasons' experienced roofing consultants take the guesswork out of picking the right system.

Single Ply Membrane Systems Conventional Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Modified Bitumen

Expert installation of the recommended roofing system helps us assure customers of superior roof life. We use no subcontractors for roof installation. All Seasons' trained employees install only top quality products. Most of these are UL classified and Factory Mutual System approved materials. While these premium materials are fully guaranteed by their manufacturers, All Seasons Roofing provides another umbrella of protection with its own warranty. Your satisfaction is our goal; we put our reputation on the line with each job we do.

Our Service Guarantee

If you ever have a problem, our nation-wide service network will take care of it within 24 hours. But if your problem is urgent, we'll dispatch at once for same-day repair. All Seasons Roofing can warrant its single ply roofing systems for up to 20 years.